How do you launch something secret?

A short while ago, Jean Pierre walked into the office all enthusiastic over a documentary he had seen about chef RenĂ© Redzepi. I shared his enthusiasm… “I knowww!!! Wasn’t that just amazing?” I almost shouted. Before you knew it we were raving about the passion displayed by the chef and his team. And soon the conversation went on to my all time favorite documentary Jiro dreams of sushi and the ongoing pursuit for the highest quality by the world’s only 3 star sushi chef.

Sushi brought us back to New York City where Katharina and I had the pleasure of dining at one of Jiro’s pupil’s restaurant Nakazawa. And where we visited all kinds of shows, ranging from classics to secret events in dark rooms where anything can happen…

And how fun it would be if we could only combine all of these passions… spiced up with big and small screen heros and heroins. Our conversation was a bit hard to be ignored. Manu stepped in… Why don’t we then? So we did…

And now it’s happening…

Come be a part of it.

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